Social work zw. institutional constraints & political aspirations

It will continue to be deported. Despite the corona pandemic, collective deportations to Afghanistan, Albania, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Serbia and Tunisia, among others, have been announced for June 2021. Regardless of the political, economic and health situation in the countries of origin, the Federal Republic continues to force people back into persecution, poverty and discrimination.
When people are threatened by this sad reality, social professionals and volunteers in particular seem to have their hands tied. When accompanying refugees, they repeatedly experience a contradiction between their own (professional) ethos and state constraints: on the one hand, they want to support people and help them to a self-determined perspective, on the other hand, they have to follow legal and official requirements. In some cases, they are urged by employers to act against their own convictions and, for example, to cooperate in the execution of deportations or similar. How can employees behave in this field of tension? What should be done if, for example.B, the rejection notice or the request to leave the country has been received? What can professionals do during a deportation from the property to protect the rights of residents? What is the police allowed to do, what are they not allowed to do?
The critical social scientist and social worker Sebastian Muy advises refugees in Berlin and will give technical input on these questions. During the event there will be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss together.
The event is aimed in particular at people who accompany refugees for work or on a voluntary basis.

When: Tuesday, 22.06.2021, 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm
The event will take place via Zoom. Registrations until 21.06.2021 by e-mail at rechtaufasyl@gmx.de [nicht über facebook] . The access link will be sent by e-mail shortly before the event.

An event of the AG Bleiben
in cooperation with DBSH (Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V.)

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