Wuppertal – 24 hours against forgetting

Permanent vigil and reading of the #Seebrücke Wuppertal

Saturday 19.06. from 12:00 to Sunday 20.06. 12:00, Utopia City, Wuppertal-Elberfeld

For 24 hours, the names of people who died while fleeing to Europe are read out. During the day, texts by refugees and experience reports from sea rescue and refugee work at the EU's external borders will be heard in a half-hour rotation.

Outside there is an information stand of the pier during the day and the possibility to set up candles for the deceased.
The reading will be streamed via the Internet and broadcast outside on site.

The permanent vigil is initiated with a conversation with Dr. Achim Stein, who reports on his work in sea rescue as a Wuppertal doctor.
The readers come from the Tanztheater Wuppertal, the TalTonTheater, the Verein für die Förderung der Städtepartnerschaft Wuppertal – Matagalpa / Nicaragua, from the refugee counselling, from the Else-Lasker-Schüler-Gesamtschule, from the Infobüro Nicaragua, from the party and council factions of the Left and the B90/Greens, from Tacheles and Mampferando, from Amnesty International.
With his own contributions, the author Christiane Gibiec for the Association of German Writers and the Authors' Association in the Valley, the musician and composer Uli Klan, Chairman of the International Armin T. Wegner Society, Olaf Reitz, language, acting, directing, intervention and committed Wuppertalers and of course members of the Seebrücke Wuppertal are involved.

The campaign is the prelude to a campaign on "Safe Harbour Wuppertal". We want to draw media attention to the EU's isolationist policy and start a discussion about what it means to be a 'safe haven'.
Our plan to set up a permanent memorial on the forecourt of Mirke station for those who died fleeing to Europe also serves this purpose. Der 20.June is World Refugee Day and an action weekend of the pier, where actions are planned nationwide.

Human rights are #unverhandelbar.
The victims of the EU's refugee policy are #unvergessen