Food – Vigil

The dying in the Mediterranean does not stop. In the first four months of this year alone, 599 people drowned.

As last year, we want to remember these people, not forget them. To pay them the respect that Fortress Europe so deadly denies.
Join and come to Kennedyplatz on 20.06. between 13 and 18 o'clock. Let us together remember for a moment in silence the victims of the European policy of isolation. Let's come together and show: We haven't forgotten you. We will give your names. We will remember you.

Aachen – Rally

No camps for refugees! nowhere!

There is no way around the fact that accommodation policy for refugees, also here in Germany, is becoming
housing policy!

Camps for refugees everywhere serve an effective organized policy of disenfranchisation, isolation,
exclusion and deportation.
This is precisely why they are a central building block in global, politically organised migration management.
This approach has a plausibility for society as a whole:
the migration issue is "managed" by politics and business in an inhumane way, without a public and society-wide debate about it arising!

People are dying and the world is looking the other way!

We, numerous Aachen groups and organizations, will break the silence with creative contributions about the self-evident disenfranchisation and isolation of refugees!

Join in and join us!

19.6.2021 from 3 pm at the market in Aachen

We demand:

  • dhe closure and evacuation of all refugee camps outside and inside the EU!
    The Federal Government must act immediately accordingly and must not use financial
    support, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Libya in the name of all of us from any responsibility!
  • stopping violent and illegal pushbacks at sea and at the EU's external borders!
    Stop the murderous manhunt by Frontex, the Croatian border police and other executors of the global border regimes, which are co-financed by the EU.
  • sichere and legal migration routes / escape routes!
    The right of access to a fair asylum procedure in conjunction with physical integrity must be valid and feasible for ALL people!
  • the closure of all collective accommodation for refugees in Germany!
    Decentralised accommodation and social equality without racist special laws, such as the so-called Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act.

The Action Alliance Aachen "No camps for refugees! Nowhere!"

Seebrücke Aachen, Aktion Bürger*innenasyl Aachen, Zusammenleben Willkommen / Regionalgruppe Ac,
Pfarrer Helmut Aston – Ökumenische Euregionale Flüchtlingsplattform, Förderkreis Asyl Würselen e.V.,
AKS – Arbeitskreis Kritische Soziale Arbeit Aachen, Antikriegsbündnis Aachen, Arbeitskreis International / Katho

Münster – Vigil

On 20.06., 2 p.m., the exact location will be announced.

On World Refugee Day, a vigil of the Sea-Eye local group will take place in Münster to commemorate all the people who drowned in the Mediterranean and all the victims of the racist migration system.

Münster – Protest Camp

There are also camps in Münster – there is also resistance in Münster

23.06., from 12 o'clock, Münster confesses color meadow.

There are also camps in Münster – there is also resistance in Münster.
With the protest camp on the Münster, Farbe-Wiese confesses that the NoLager network in Münster brings the occupation with camps, which are otherwise so often moved to outlying districts or to the external borders, to the center of the city. Throughout the day, tents are pitched on the meadow. Along the tents there will be an information walkway, which addresses the disenfrancfrancion of people in camps at the external borders, but also in the accommodation facilities in NRW and Münster.
Rallies will take place at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Münster – Bicycle demo

Bicycle demo followed by a rally in front of the ZUE

Start on 27.06. at 14 o'clock at the Aaseekugeln.
Rally at the ZUE (Albersloher Weg 450).

For a decentralized, humane accommodation.
For an anti-racist and solidary society – with everyone and for all.

Since February, a bicycle demonstration has been held every month followed by a rally at the ZUE in Münster to oppose the isolation and disenfranchisation of refugees. Also on the 27th we will bring our protest against the nationalist system to the streets.