PM #2 on the "No-Lager-Aktionswoche"

"The forced isolation in the camps must be broken"

Press release #2
June 18, 2021

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 19, the No-Lager Action Days will start in several NRW
cities: Around the World Day of Refugees (June 20),
there will be numerous demos, actions, exhibitions and discussion rounds around the reception of refugees in general and especially in NRW until June 27.

The Antira-Vernetzung NRW calls for a
humane reception of refugees, decentralised accommodation
and the closure of all large collection camps.On Friday, June 25, there will be
a NRW-wide demonstration in Düsseldorf.
"Public attention in recent months has
focused, for good reason, on the inhumane conditions in camps such as
Moria on the EU's external borders.But the isolation and the locking away
also takes place here in NRW.There is political calculation behind
this: it is easier to deport people who do not yet
have work colleagues, neighbours and classmates here.
We want to break through this politically forced isolation," says Franka
Schmidt from the Antiracist Network NRW.

The following events will take place in the next few days:

Sat. 19.6.- Aachen, from 3 p.m., On the market
For the evacuation and closure of all refugee camps; for
safe and legal escape routes _ _

Sat.19.6. to Sun.20.06.- Wuppertal, from 12 to 12 o'clock, Utopia
Stadt/Mirker Bahnhof
Reading and rally
24-hours against forgetting
_ _
Sun.20.6.- Münster, from 2 p.m., Münster confesses color meadow
vigil in memory of all victims of the racist
migration system on the occasion of the World Day of Refugees _ _

Mo.21.6.- Siegen, downtown
info booth _ _

Mo.21.6. to 27.6.- Düsseldorf, Kiefernstr.4 (K4)
Exhibition "Leben in der ZUE" (Opening 21.6. at 6 pm)
Installation of a multi-bed room from a ZUE (Central
Accommodation Facility) _ _

Tue.22.6.- Online (ZOOM), 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Webinar Deportation from accommodation – Social work between institutional

coercion and political entitlement"
Registration at:
_ _
Wed.23.6.- Münster, from 12 noon – Münster confesses color meadow
tent installation with information walk to the camps at the external borders and the accommodation facilities in NRW
and in Münster.
Rallies between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
_ _
Fri.25.6.- Düsseldorf, start 17:00 – DGB Haus (near the main station)
Central demonstration of the NoLager action week with speeches by
activists & refugees and the
"Mediterranean monologues"
_ _
So.27.06.- Cologne, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., start at the Heumarkt
inforundgang and course
_ _
Sun.27.06.- Münster, beginning 2 pm, Aaseekugeln
bicycle demo followed by a rally in front of the ZUE Münster

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