PM #1 on the "No-Lager-Aktionswoche"

Close camp, accommodate refugees decentrally!

Press release #1
June 13, 2021

In numerous cities in NRW such as Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Münster, Siegen and Wuppertal, there will be a variety of protest actions from 19 to 27 June 2021 against the accommodation of bred people in camps. The "No Lager-Aktionswoche" is being called for by the Antiracist Network NRW, in which anti-racist actors from NRW have joined forces. The action week is directed against the isolation and systematic unequal treatment and disenfranchisement of refugees by camps at the EU's external borders and in NRW.
In addition to the decentralized customer meetings, art actions, lectures, etc., there will be a central NRW-wide demonstration entitled "Close the camps – break isolation!" in Düsseldorf on Friday, 25 June 2021 to draw attention to the situation in the collective accommodations.

The call of the action week states: "Massive tightening of the law makes it possible for the people in the camps to be systematically denied fundamental rights to privacy, schooling, regular medical care or job opportunities, among other things.
Many people are exposed to the cycle of tightness, permanent controls, monotony, fear of deportation and violence for up to 2 years. In the remote camps, contact with the rest of the population is made virtually impossible for them, and political and social networking with other refugees is made more difficult.
Their isolation is politically desired. It is intended to enable the deportations, which mainly take place from NRW state accommodation, to run smoothly and at the same time to prevent the public debate about the camps that are isolated from society.
This self-evident disenfranchisation and isolation of refugees must be broken. There must finally be a social debate on the subject of the reception and humane decentralised accommodation of refugees."
With the "No Lager Action Week", the Antiracist Network NRW wants to publicly address the disenfranchousing of refugees, network anti-racist actors and send a solidarity signal to the people in the camps.

Information on the "No Lager Action Week" from 19 to 27 June 2021 and the planned activities can be found online at:
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